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About training

PROFESSIONAL SCRUM FOUNDATIONS is a training accredited by for people who are have just began their work in Scrum or wish to get acquainted with it. During workshop, framework mechanics are presented and students will have to face prepared challenges and traps. In addition to sound substantive knowledge of the key elements of Scrum, participants gain their first experience of working with this method.

Who is this training for?

Scrum as one of the most commonly used adaptive methods impacts organizations at every level. Therefore, Professional Scrum Foundations training is intended for team members, management staff and clients of agile teams – everyone who wishes to improve their company.

Course objectives

Workshop goals include understanding the rules governing the Scrum mechanics. During the course, participants learn basic concepts and experience new teamwork quality. They will be able to deliver value, implement creative team potential in faster and more efficient manner, as well as to further develop towards becoming Scrum Master or Product Owner.

The scope of the training

During the Professional Scrum Foundations training, participants will learn about the history and circumstances of Scrum establishment, the most important elements of its structure, the specificity of project roles, their respective responsibility areas and the dynamics.

After completing the training, the students will:

  • know the characteristics of agile software development, the history and circumstances of the Scrum establishment, the Scrum method and its components (Roles, Events, Artefacts), the importance of communication between the client, stakeholders and the team in order to maximize the value of the delivered product,
  • be able to use scrum events and tools while working in self-organizing teams, correctly define roles and responsibilities within the team, plan work in projects implemented using agile methods,
  • be prepared to work and cooperate with agile teams, more open and communicative, more confident in risk events and more cooperation-oriented.

The examination process

After completing the training, within five working days, participants receive a voucher to take up one Professional Scrum Master I exam for certification. The PSM I exam is composed of closed multiple-choice questions. You need to get at least 85% to pass the exam. Most of our students have no problem with passing this exam, provided they have a good command of English.
If you take the exam within 14 days from receiving your voucher but obtain negative results, will provide you another voucher for one additional attempt to the given exam.

PMI personnel development points

All participants of the Professional Scrum Foundations training receive 14 points of personal development units (PDU). Points are earned just for participating in the training, not for passing the relevant exam.

We organize private training for the needs of English-speaking groups –write to us .

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