Professional Scrum Master™


Professional Scrum Master™

Training is provided by one of the licensed trainers:

About training

PROFESSIONAL SCRUM MASTER is a training for people who want to broaden their knowledge of Scrum. Dedicated for experienced Scrum Masters, advanced Scrum practitioners and people with at least one year of practice in this method. Training is conducted by one of the most experienced people in Poland in terms of agile methods. It consists of two full days in the form of a workshop using accelerated learning techniques and exploits the problems that participants bring to the training.

The scope of the training

The training starts with a short revision of Scrum in order to reduce the differences in the knowledge level of the students and then proceeds to more advanced issues.

After completing the training, the students will:

  • understand the management and motivation mechanisms in a self-organizing team, the roles of business value and productivity, the dynamics of an agile team, and the importance of communication between the client, stakeholders and the team in order to maximize the value of the delivered product,
  • be able to correctly define roles and responsibilities within the team, better estimate the risk and cost of ownership  and plan work in projects implemented using agile methods,
  • be more aware of Scrum Master’s responsibilities and impact on product development and the role of facilitation in working with agile teams.

Who is this training for?

The target group includes people who want to deepen their knowledge about Scrum: Scrum Masters, coaches and line managers working with agile teams, executives and clients of agile teams.

This training is not suitable for people who have not previously had any contact with Scrum. For those people we have Professional Scrum Foundations training, after which you can also obtain a Professional Scrum Master I certificate.

It can be adjusted for beginners, but it loses about half of its impact.

The examination process

After completing the training, within five working days, participants receive a voucher to take up one Professional Scrum Master I exam for certification. The PSM I exam is composed of closed multiple-choice questions. You need to get at least 85% to pass the exam. Most of our students have no problem with passing this exam, provided they have a good command of English.

If you take the exam within 14 days from receiving your voucher but obtain negative results, will provide you another voucher for one additional attempt to the given exam.

PMI personnel development points

All participants of the Professional Scrum Master training receive 14 points of personal development units (PDU). Points are earned just for participating in the training, not for passing the relevant exam.

We organize private training for the needs of English-speaking groups –write to us .

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