Professional Scrum Product Owner™


Professional Scrum Product Owner™

Training is provided by one of the licensed trainers:

About training

PROFESSIONAL SCRUM PRODUCT OWNER provides a look into agile product management from the business perspective. The training teaches how to maximize product value by meeting customer expectations and preparing participants to act as a Product Owner. During the simulation-based workshop, through subsequent challenges and discussions, participants experience teamwork operation in order to maximize value delivered (translating into profit).

The scope of the training

Training goals include both short Scrum revision and reducing differences in knowledge level of the participants. It is focused on the Product Owner’s cooperation with the team.

After completing the training, the students will be able to:

  • manage Product Backlog, create and execute vision of the product, prepare business models and plans of release, manage risk and value, become partners to the Development Team,
  • know the budgeting, Product Backlog Refinement technique, measurement principles, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the difference between product management and project management,
  • know the scope of Product Owner’s responsibilities and impact on product development and the role of product quality.

Who is this training for?

Training was designed for clients of agile teams, managers and Product Owners, widely understood business cooperating with IT and managers of development organizations. Scrum Masters are also welcome – a better understanding of Product Owner’s role will allow them to provide support in his daily struggles.

The examination process

After completing the training, within five working days, participants receive a voucher to take up one Professional Scrum Product Owner I exam for certification.  The PSPO I exam is composed of closed multiple-choice questions. You need to get at least 85% to pass the exam. Most of our students have no problem with passing this exam, provided they have a good command of English.

If you take the exam within 14 days from receiving your voucher but obtain negative results, will provide you another voucher for one additional attempt to the given exam.

PMI personnel development points

All participants of the Professional Scrum Product Ownertraining receive 14 points of personal development units (PDU). Points are earned just for participating in the training, not for passing the relevant exam.

We organize private training for the needs of English-speaking groups –write to us .

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