Professional Scrum with UX™


Professional Scrum with UX™

Training is provided by one of the licensed trainers:

Magdalena Firlit

About training

PROFESSIONAL SCRUM WITH USER EXPERIENCE   is an intensive workshop preparing participants to integrate the latest UX (User Experience) practices to work in Scrum and consciously manage the product. Participants will learn an agile approach to project management and product development techniques based on UX practices.

The scope of the training

During the two-day intensive training, participants will learn how to:

  • cross-functional Scrum Team can use UX specialists
  • include, prioritize and manage the work of UX in the Backlog
  • find a balance between experimenting and providing value
  • The Scrum Team can use feedback from users during the Sprint
  • integrate user feedback into the decision-making process
  • UX can help with the decision-making process.

Training agenda:

  • how Scrum and UX support continuous improvement and learning?
  • viewing work as problems to be solved
  • quality over quantity
  • UX management in Scrum
  • focus on the user
  • experiments

Who is this training for?

Professional Scrum with User Experience is a great training for Scrum Masters and Product Owners who want to include UX in product management, as well as UX specialists who want to work in Scrum Teams and anyone interested in working in interdisciplinary teams.

The examination process

All training participants have the opportunity to take the Professional Scrum with User Experience I (PSU I) certificate exam free of charge. If the participant attempts to do so within 14 days of the end of the training and is unsuccessful, they will be given another free chance. The exams are conducted in English and are conducted online at

PMI personnel development points

All participants of the Professional Scrum with User Experience training receive 14 points of personal development units (PDU). Points are earned just for participating in the training, not for passing the relevant exam.

We organize private training for the needs of English-speaking groups –write to us .

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