Scaled Professional Scrum™


Scaled Professional Scrum™

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About training

SCALED PROFESSIONAL SCRUM is a 2-day course during which participants will learn   how to launch, structure, staff, and manage large Agile and scrum projects.  During a simulation-based workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to organize their first large-scale scrum project. They will also learn about the infrastructure, tools and practices necessary for the success of the project. We will show you how to scale Scrum in order to maximize the value of your software.

The scope of the training

During the training we will cover:

  • new roles, artifacts and events necessary for effective scaling,
  • organization of multiple teams in order to optimize effort and productivity,
  • practices that will help teams in effectively building and integrating the product,
  • techniques of detecting inconsistencies and methods of dealing with them,
  • challenges that can be encountered in large development projects.

This training does not cover the entire concept of Scrum. Only the information required for understanding the scaling process is discussed.

Who is this training for?

Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus course is for development leaders and all persons who are or will be involved in the management of multi-team scrum projects, as well as those who already successfully manage small projects within Scrum and want to hire more scrum teams for a larger project, scalable project managers or people struggling with project scaling.

The examination process

After completing the training, within five working days, participants receive a voucher to take up one Scaled Professional Scrum exam for certification. Most of our students have no problem with passing this exam, provided they have a good command of English.
If you take the exam within 14 days from receiving your voucher but obtain negative results, will provide you another voucher for one additional attempt to the given exam.

PMI personnel development points

All participants of the Scaled Professional Scrum training receive 14 points of personal development units (PDU). Points are earned just for participating in the training, not for passing the relevant exam.

We organize private training for the needs of English-speaking groups –write to us .

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